TSEC Corporation – TSEC stands for “Taiwan Solar Energy Company”
TSEC, incorporated on June 24th, 2010, is a PV manufacturing company. Through the leading technologies in R&D, the Company focuses on producing high efficiency and quality solar cells and modules. While taking the advantage of integrated products and services, TSEC also provide a streamlined service from manufacturing to EPC PV power plant installation, operation and management.

The team is composed of the elites from semiconductor and opto-electronic industries. The Company major shareholders include Farglory Group, Aurora Group, Zen InvestCo and FRG Rubber of which jointly to commit and share TSEC’s corporate vision: The Sun is the ultimate source of energy for all creatures on Earth. Through the fast innovation in photovoltaic technology, we strongly believe that solar energy is the prime solution for reducing greenhouse effect and alleviating the depletion of energy resources to our planet. As a prominent technology company, TSEC will continue to devote resources in promoting green energy for a Sustainable Earth.
  • General Information
    Company name TSEC Corporation
    Company address 23143 8F, No.225, Section 3, Beixin Rd Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City
    Factory in Hsinchu 30351 No. 85 Guangfu N Road., Hukou Township., Hsinchu County
    Factory in Pingtung 90063 No.335, Daxi Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County
    Date of Establishment June 24, 2010
    Number of employees 1135 (Mar. 2018)
    Main products Solar cells, modules and power plant construction and operation
    Annual capacity

    Cells 2,000MW(2020E) /
    Modules 800MW(2018E)

    Principal shareholders Farglory Group, Aurora Group,
    Zen InvesCo and FRG Rubber .
    Capital on stock USD 139.6 million
  • Subsidiary of TSEC
    Company name Formosa Sun Energy Corporation
    Date of Establishment Mar. 26, 2012
    Products & Services Solar Power Plant Construction/O&M
    Paid-in Capital USD 6.37 million (NTD 200million)


    Company name TSEC AMERICA Inc.
    Address 1235 N Harbor Blvd Ste 240 Fullerton, CA 92832, U.S.A.


Management team
    Chairman & CEO Ellick K.J. Liao

    President & COO

    C. J. Hung
             TSEC company 
TSEC solar cell & panel plant
TSEC Hsinchu Hukou factory, covering an area of 21,355 m2, a total floor area of 75,375 m2, is currently the largest solar cell factory in the Hsinchu Hukou industrial park. It will further expanded to 2,000 MW. And at the same time, we continue to increase ours module production line in TSEC Pingtung factory, covering an area of 47,412m2, a total floor area of 37,402m

TSEC Hsinchu Hukou factory

TSEC Pingtung factory

To strengthening competitiveness, TSEC is actively ramping up its module production, sales and marketing via automated production to obtain high quality products with features such as high-efficiency, PID-Free, salinity and snow pressure resistant, etc. The cell production capacity is set to reach 2GW by year 2020.
Award-winning records

13th National Innovation Award

Growth Excellence Leadership Award (Solar Power) by Frost & Sullivan 2016

Top 500 High-Tech Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific by Deloitte & Touche 2015

Top 500 High-Tech Growth Companies in Asia-Pacific by Deloitte & Touche 2014

Global clients distribution of TSEC
TSEC sales territory covers Taiwan, Japan, U.S.A., Europe, China and many other regions. The company is actively expanding its business from manufacturing to EPC PV installation worldwide.
Quality assurance & international certification
We have passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, ISO 14064-1, ISO/TS 14067 international certification, and pursue  excellence in manufacturing technology and customer service as the core concept of quality management, which is based on:
Quality First:Deploy continuous improvement to achieve Total Quality Excellences.
Technology Leadership:Enhance research and innovation to establish Corporate Competitive Advantages.
Customer Orientation:Fulfill customer needs to reach Total Customer Satisfactions.
Sustainable Development:Implement environmental protection practice to accomplish Sustainable Operations Management.