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Human Resource
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TSEC is committed to the pursuit of efficiency, quality, creation, speed, and service.

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Remuneration Policy
The company remuneration policy takes into consideration the human cost, social wage level and personal ability evaluation, allowing the right talents to achieve concretely the organization's mission and the business strategy to facilitate the organization development and personal growth. It adopted the principle that comply with government labor laws, regional living standard, horizontal competition, and at the same time favorable to fairness, incentive, fulfillment of social responsibility and the control of labor costs and company’s operating budget. It tries to make sure that the employees are all satisfied with the salary system in order to achieve the sustainable development and operation of the company.

Features of our remuneration policy

A unified salary system
  Our company adopted a unified salary system which consists of the salary items adjusted with the enterprise operating performance and individual attendance and messing allowance and is made through the computer programs. Employees can calculate their salaries according to the Salary Management Regulations.
Caring for the employees’ basic living
  The company, on the basis of its corporate strength and development stage, tries to fulfill its social responsibility, taking care of the employees’ basic living and practicing the operation idea “to do good to human beings”.
Clear and flexible position rank salary notch table
  The notch table is flexible to some degree, considering both the salary standard of the new members according to their education and experience, and the affirmation for the senior workers’ talent and contribution.
Costs  controllable and fairness
  The remuneration policy is integrated with the contribution of the employees, and the realization of the corporate objective. Within reasonable salary cost adjustment, the company insists on fairness, affirmation and incentive effect.
Welfare System
Employee bonus / Warrants
  • Yearly surplus employee bonus
  • Cash capital increase of employee stock options
  • Employee stock options
Bonus / grants
  • Festival bonus (based on company and individual performance and operating conditions given)
  • Birthday gifts or gift certificates
  • Wedding gifts and funeral offering gold
  • Overtime / Shift Allowance / Performance Bonus
  • Legally set aside 6% pension fund
  • Group insurance
    <Staff: life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance / spouse and children: accident insurance, medical insurance>
  • Labor insurance
  • Health Insurance
Labor conference (held every three months)
Employee benefits

In addition to the Company's Employee Welfare Committee established by law, handling staff welfare (birthday parties, New Year gifts, weddings, employee travel activities), and also include:

  • Staff restaurant with a dining subsidy
  • Staff quarters (double air-Suite)
  • Free employee parking
  • Regularly check and employee health activities such as health promotion and care
Education Training and Development
Excellent human resource is business's most valuable asset, in order to improve the quality of employees and to raise professionals, to enhance quality and environmental awareness, to enhance the company's overall operating performance.
We have passed TTQS certification by the staff of the Education and Training Committee, to develop innovative ideas, proactive work ethic and therefore we can improve work methods and performance, to help companies establish business objectives of each unit and the co-training program annually.

Our education training systems are as below:
  • New staff training system
  • Quality training system
  • Environmental Safety Training System
  • Professional Training System
  • Management Training System
  • Self-Enlightenment and Career Training System
New employees education and training
External lecturer training
Health promotion lecture