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After-sales service and technical support (Description)
  After receiving your problem, TSEC service team will solve your problem ASAP within 24 hours.
You just need to fill the contact form and dial +886-2-2912-2199 or send an e-mail to
Your product is damaged during the transportation process.
We will carefully handle and package your product.
  If your product is damaged during the transportation process, we will replace the damaged product with a new one for you ASAP.
Delay in delivery
  If your product is lost, we will immediately contact our freight forwarding agent, and provide delivery document or package tracking document. We will search the lost product ASAP and then exactly give the product to you.
Wrong delivery
  If the number of the delivered products is not consistent with the number you order. We recollect the additional products or redeliver the products you order for free.
Repair and compensation during warranty period
  If the component of the module needs repair or compensation during the warranty period, we will help you contact the original equipment manufacturer, and repair the system ASAP.
Product replacement
  We will replace the defective product immediately, no matter the defect is due to the transportation process or within the warranty conditions.
Taking and delivery service
  We will be more than willing to ask our freight forwarding agent to provide you with the taking and delivery service. If the product is returned due to us, we will pay the transportation fee for you.
Installation technical support
  We will be more than willing to help you if you need any technical data or have nay technical problems. We can help you handle the problem or act as the bridge between you and the original equipment manufacturer to handle the problem together.

If there is any damage to your goods, please fill out the following:

TSEC focuses on providing best services for customers.
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