Cell Manufacturing Process Introduction
Cell Manufacturing Process Introduction 
▸Wafer Clean:
Using acid or alkali liquid to do saw damage removal.
Using acid or alkali liquid to texture.
High temperature vacuum tube process with (POCl3 ) gas to define positive/ negative electric junctions.
▸Wet Edge Isolation:
Using Acid liquid to remove SiO2 layer from wafer surface and doing isolation on wafer edge.
▸Chemical Vapor Deposition:
Chemical vapor deposition by tube to build anti-reflection layer (SiNx) on wafer surface.
▸Laser Opening:
The formation of a high-quality local back-surface-field (LBSF) using by laser opening. 
▸Screen Printing:
Screen printing the electrode pattern on both side with metal component paste.
Using high temperature heater to make cross-link between electrode and junction for electric current output.
▸Efficiency Test :
Classify cells by surface visual inspection with AOI and electricity with IV-tester.