Green Educational Tour
While setting up power plant in Pingtung County, we noticed that children in remote areas have little knowledge about green energy. Therefore, we have been holding itinerary education activities since 2013. So far, we’ve been to many primary schools such as Changle, Linbian, Shuichuan (Longchuan Branch), and Yukuang, providing them with not only in class instructions but also field explanations, which acquired good results and reaction. In doing so, we are trying to  promote the concept of energy conservation and carbon reduction and popularize renewable energy, so that we can fulfill our social responsibility in the promotion of Taiwan's green energy.
Itinerary green energy education and publicity activities in June, 2014
Date : 2014/6/12~13
Host School : Shuichuan Primary School(Longchuan branch)/Hesheng Primary School/Yukuang Primary School
Remark :

No.1Dingchuan Rd., Shuichuan Village, Hengchun
Town, Pingtung County

No. 121 Jianguo Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County

No.81, Minshuen Rd., Yukuang Village, Chiadong Town, Pingtung County.

Participating Schools;huiquan Primary School, Shuiquan Primary School (Longquan Branch), Chunri Primary School, Renhe Primary School, Yuguang Primary School, Linbian Primary School, Hesheng Primary School
Itinerary green energy education and publicity activities in December, 2013
Date : 2013/12/12~13
Host School : Changle Primary School/Linbian Primary School
Remark : No. 35 Dagong Rd., Manchou Town, Pingtung County.
No.68, Zhongshan Rd., Linbian County, Pingtung County.