CSR Policy



➤Maintain good corporate governance and adhere to business ethics.

➤Comply with various legal regulations.

➤Create company value and enhance shareholder rights.

➤Invest in innovative research and development, develop intellectual property rights, and strive for the progress of human civilization, 



   social and economic development, and the sustainable development of the Earth's environment.

➤Research and develop environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, and implement environmental protection measures to reduce



   the impact on the environment.

➤Provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment, opportunities to fully display their talents, and fair compensation and



➤Actively invest in environmental and energy-saving education and encourage employees to participate in social public welfare activities.

➤Promote the concept and practices of corporate social responsibility to our supply chain and strive for better performance together.



Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Promotion



Our company supports international labor and human rights standards, values corporate governance, and creates the maximum benefits



for our employees, shareholders, and the society as a whole through continuous innovation, the development of high-value products, and



the creation of a work environment where employees can fully unleash their potential.





In addition, we comply with relevant laws and regulations, devise corporate social responsibility promotion policies, and appoint the


administrative unit responsible for promoting corporate social responsibility in 2020.Together with relevant units and responsibilities,


we promote the main principles of corporate governance, sustainable development of the environment, maintenance of social public


welfare, and enhancement of information disclosure, thus concretely implementing corporate social responsibility.





As an international corporate citizen, we attach great importance to sustainable business development, including providing energy-saving


products and system solutions, sound corporate governance, balancing the interests of stakeholders, addressing environmental issues,


protecting the Earth's environment, and investing in energy-saving and environmental education.