About TSEC

Founded in June 2010, TSEC Corporation is one the most advanced solar cell and module manufacturers in the world. With the largest 1.5 GW production capacity and the highest quality control in Taiwan, TSEC cell and module products pass series of strict inspections from ITRI Taiwan (Industry Technology Research Institute) and features for its durability in extreme weather and harshest environment.


In addition, TSEC's manufacturing process is also in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in accordance to RoHS and SVHC standards. TSEC also receives countless professional certifications at home and abroad and is recognized and praised by both private and public organizations every year.


Being a professional solar cell and module manufacturer, TSEC also provides integration services for solar power plant construction and long-term maintenance in Taiwan. For more than a decade of efforts been put into the PV market, TSEC possesses rich experience and eye-catching results in solar power plant development across the country. The top three largest PV power plants in Taiwan including Taisugar detention pond project (100MW), the state-owned Tainan Cigu Salt field PV Power Plant (150MW), and the largest water surface -Lunwei East Zone PV Power Plant in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park (181MW), are built with safe and durable TSEC solar panels.


As a leading PV manufacturer in Taiwan, we strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, actively implement the coexistence of solar energy and the natural ecological environment, and also pursue sustainable development of the earth. TSEC is proud to introduce its "Made in Taiwan"PV products to the Globe.

TSEC Corporation’s solar cell and module manufacturers

The Hsinchu solar cell factory covers an area of 6,460 ping with a total floor area of 22,801 ping, making it the largest solar cell factory in Taiwan. The high-efficiency cells have an annual production capacity of up to 1.5 GW, with a production capacity of 300 MW for large-sized M6 cells and 750 MW for M10 cells.



The Pingtung module factory covers an area of 14,342 ping with a total floor area of 16,390 ping, making it the largest solar module factory in Taiwan. Its annual production capacity can reach 1.5 GW, with a production capacity of 350 MW for large-sized M6 modules and 900 MW for M10 modules.





Quality Assurance and International Certification


We have passed ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO45001、ISO14064-1 international certification,and pursue excellence in manufacturing technology and customer service as the core value of quality management, which is based on:

Quality First:Deploy continuous improvement to achieve Total Quality Excellences.
Technology Leadership:Enhance research and innovation to establish Corporate Competitive Advantages.
Customer Orientation:Fulfill customer needs to reach Total Customer Satisfactions.
Sustainable Development:Implement environmental protection practice to accomplish Sustainable Operations Management.